Master of Jurisprudence (MJ)

Tulsa University College of Law

Master of Jurisprudence in Energy Law
Graduation:  December 16, 2016
GPA:  3.66 / 4.0

Thesis:  Energy Justice is Not Environmental Justice

Purpose of degree:
Focus in the area of oil and gas, renewable energy, environmental laws, land titles, government forms, research, legal writing (briefs and memorandums), case law using West Law and/or LexisNexis, land and/or mineral contracts, Indian land grants and mineral rights.


Courses completed in alphabetical order:
Advanced Oil and Gas
Applied Environmental Law 
Basic Environmental Law
Basic Oil and Gas    

Energy and Indian Land Title
Energy Research, Analysis, and Writing

Indian Property Rights

Regulation of Energy Markets 
Renewable Energy Development

Water Rights and Water Law


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