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Pet Peeves – About Cell Phone Users

▪   Don’t drive with the phone plastered to the head.

▪   The phone just rang and you are expecting a very important call? If you want to check that call, please, pull off the road or into a parking lot.

▪   Texting while driving. Another NO NO!

▪   Playing with apps, checking email or messages in traffic or while waiting at a red light.

▪   Walking the dog while on the cell phone. Especially a large dog off leash. While the dog gets into trouble, the owner is chatting away not caring.

▪   In the doctor’s office talking on the phone. Please step outside to talk.

▪   Talking loud enough so everyone can hear what you are saying. If you have hearing problem then get a headset.  If the problem is signal strength offer to call back. Yes, there are some “dead zones” where signal strength is poor.

▪   Seeing a sign saying, “Please no cell phone use” and still talking on the phone.

Just a note about us: Me and my German Shepherd are people watchers. This started back in my undergraduate days for an assignment and grew into studying people.